Surround Comfort HSS Heat Socks - Size Large

Surround Comfort HSS Heat Socks - Size Large

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Surround Comfort Heated Socks by Hotronic.

One pair - consists of Power Fit Socks from BOOTDOC with a powerful, integrated HOTRONIC Surround Heating Element and two powerful lithium-ion battery pack with a global Recharger.

Other sizes available.

  • The unique performance of BOOTDOC Power Fit Socks with integrated surround heating elements ensures excellent comfort, fit and heat distribution

  • The battery packs are easy to connect with the snap fasteners on the inner cuff of the heated socks.

  • The 4 heating levels are selected directly on the
    battery pack. The Power Boost setting provides extra warmth for a short period (approx. 3 minutes)

  • Heated toe and ball of foot area with a reinforced toe and heel area

  • Surround heating element in the outer layer for more comfort

  • 2-layer cuff design for additional protection and to hold the battery snuggly

  • Socks machine washable at temperatures up to 30 °C

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