Comfort Footbed - Low Arch (X Large)

Comfort Footbed - Low Arch (X Large)

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BOOTDOC Step-In footbeds make your day perfect!

Be it playing sports, in the workplace, or enjoying some leisure time. We offer the right model – anatomically preshaped according to the 3-Arch concept or in an anatomically shaped universal fit – regardless of whether the customer is looking for comfort or a sporting challenge. The Step-In design offers something for everyone, as well as quick and easy custom molding of the individual insole.

The Comfort - The top 3-Arch Concept model with full-shell technology and dampening element.

• Shape in Mid Arch based on POWER

• A large forefoot dampening material

• Anatomic dampening in the heel

• Dampening in the area of the 5th metatarsal

• Flexzones in arch

• Improved heel cup

• Perfect visibility of arch type colour system

• Volume: Mid

• Construction: Step-In Flex-Full-Shell

• Top cover: Microfiber with anti-odor function


The arch is incapable of cushioning, thus reducing the spring in the customer step or running motion. Displacement of the bones involved (e.g., buckling of the ankle bone, heel bone) can cause strain on tendons and ligaments. This leads to static imbalance and pain. The LOW Arch insole helps to prevent overpronation.


The layout of the bones, tendons and ligaments reflects the theoretical norm. The pressure below the foot is distributed over the 3 main support points: heel (20 %), big toe base joint (17 %), small toe base joint (13 %). A MID Arch insole offers optimum pressure distribution for this type of foot, while stabilizing and cushioning.


The long-arch is too high, thus reducing the contact surface. High medial and lateral arches are typically caused by shortening of the tendon structure or high muscle tension. These changes of the foot shape cause friction and pressure points when wearing shoes. A stressed tendon structure is often found throughout the body in this case. A HIGH Arch insole ensures comfortable, even pressure distribution for this foot type.



Size chart


 XS EU 32 - 35.5 US MENS 3 - 4 MP 21 - 22
S EU 36 - 38.5 US MENS 4.5 - 6 MP 23 - 24
M EU 39 - 41.5 US MENS 6.5 - 8 MP 25 - 26
L EU 42 - 44 US MENS 8.5 - 10 MP 27 - 28
XL EU 44.5 - 47 US MENS 10.5 - 12 MP 29 - 30
2XL EU 48 - 49 US MENS 12.5 - 13.5 MP 31

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