Shred Flexi Lite Knee Pads - Size Medium

Shred Flexi Lite Knee Pads - Size Medium

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If you’re a skier or snowboarder searching for more protection, the SHRED. Flexi Knee Pads Lite are the perfect addition to your kit thanks to their unrivaled comfort, mobility, protection, and pedalability.

Their SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION protective element molds to your skin to match every move you make and is exceptionally thin, flexible, light, and breathable. Anatomically-shaped Spandex stretch sleeves securely hold the pads in place and Armortex® fabric over the protective element provides abrasion and puncture resistance. Get the confidence you need to feel like a pro and have fun.

  • SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION | Our proprietary shock-absorbing material intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough
    protection—even in low energy crashes. Simply put, it stays flexible when you ride but hardens to protect you when you crash.

  • SLYTECH™ Flexi | Slytech™ Shock Absorption molded with a hexagon structure is
    especially thin and light while also offering unrivaled flexibility and certified impact energy absorption.

  • ARMORTEX® | This tough, elastic fabric on the front panels of the pads enhances
    durability, offering protection from abrasion and punctures while also stretching to provide comfort and a refined fit.


  • 1 SHRED Flexi Knee Pads
  • 1 SHRED sticker kit
  • CONSTRUCTION | Slytech™ Flexi structure | Super Stretch Spandex fabric with Armortex® front panel

  • SAFETY STANDARDS | EN 1621-1 Level 1 (motorbike limb joint protectors), E Type A

  • MATERIAL | Slytech™ Shock Absorption | Armortex® | Spandex

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